Thursday, 17 January 2013

Naked in Cosmos

I'm outside scoping the night sky with my telescope. It's freezing but that's a good result from the lack of clouds. The sound is still. So still it is in-fact rather scary. Yet, it also brings peace. The sound of silence is broken. Occasionally there is a snap of a twig. The same sound echoes around me in several locations. I ponder for a while and question if it's the sharp, crisp winter air seeping it's way into the bark of trees.  Otherwise, I would prefer not to know. Vulnerable, i feel to the bare night. The cosmos above me in all of it's splendour and brilliance. That brilliance of which radiates omnipotence. I am naked in cosmos.

                    -Telo, 2013

Wednesday, 16 January 2013


My heart, it churns,
Indeed I feel it beat,
This life passionately burns,
Yet sometimes it creeps,
At times I cherish all,
to cry for the beauty and awe,
to delve in poetry and greats,
perhaps an answer awaits,
then it all appears as though
it is simply a facade.

-Telo, 2013

Saturday, 12 January 2013



                If these words are read or merely scanned by any reader I am interested firstly as to how you discovered this written piece  Perhaps, you typed in the key words or maybe even a string of words that matched the words in this blog. Either way, I am honoured that eyes other than my own are reading this. If you care to read the words that follow, I am unsure of what they will bring. For I sometimes delve in poetry, passages and maybe just i will merely surmise over events, other works, or even musical pieces.